Why Seso Solutions

Seso Solutions is a new-generation company that has an ultra modern, state-of-the-art, fully operational software development facility in the heart of Hyderabad, the city of the software outsourcing and off shoring destination in India. Equipped with the latest software development tools, hardware platforms, secure communication servers complemented by a round the clock power back up, Seso Solutions can effectively meet the clients' needs and specifications and has a tried-and-true methodology for producing low-cost, high-quality software development within the promised time frame.

Our ODC always adopt the client's norms, standards, and work environment while maintaining their focus on domain knowledge, skills, and products. The client's needs and requirements are stated explicitly and understood implicitly. Our ODC delivers top-notch business solutions that improve our clients' bottom-line precisely because we know how to combine our technical skills and business knowledge in proactive ways. All the professionals are completely focused on the relevant technology platform and the industry in which the client operates.

Seso Solutions ensures that all the knowledge gained during the course of the project remains within the center even if individual move on, ensuring that Seso Solutions can continue to provide exceptional development services to the client for years to come. The ODC always has complete responsibility for completing the assignment as promised and delivering a final solution that meets or exceeds the client's expectations. Finally, our ODC professionals always strive to adheres to their deadlines, so our clients don't ever have to worry about unexpectedly being left behind their competitors.

Our only goal is to help your company get the project done effectively and we consider ourselves the caretakers of your property. Your company retains full ownership of intellectual property rights, software code, and development specifications. Seso Solutions guarantees secure and successful business transactions with its high tech and up-to-date infrastructure.

Seso Solutions offshore development center offers

Quality Processes: We have quality processes operating at the highest possible software development quality. This ensures minimum error rate and rework.

Infrastructure: Our Offshore Development Center possesses the latest infrastructure that is readily available, thereby reducing project start time. World class office premises. Communication facilities like IPBX, Webcams, Video conferencing etc.

Skill Sets: We have a diversified pool of skilled professionals from where clients can select the skill sets they require for their offshore development center.

Better Value for Money: Our competitive cost structure enables you to achieve more with your IT budget.

Faster Development Advantage: Use of time zone difference as an advantage to fasten development time. A 24 Hour cycle can be kept going to speed up development time.

Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) Perspective: Significant cost saving on infrastructure and manpower costs at offshore vis-a-vis the clients' home country. Also there will be cost and time saving on the long gestation period that will be needed for setting up offshore subsidiary.

Resource Advantage: Ramp up / downsize resource at relative short notice. Resource sharing between projects-leading to optimal resource utilization. Induction and training for identified resources



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